Rogersville Horse Transportation

Photo Gallery

Our horse transport service delivers happy results!

Thank you for visiting our horse shipping picture gallery. We hope you enjoy these pics of the happy and healthy horses delivered by Rogersville Horse Transportation. We love the privilege of working with our clients’ horses and seeing the heartwarming expressions, satisfaction, and reactions of owners and horses alike at the successful completion of the relocation process. We know that there are other horse haulers, so we’re very grateful for the many opportunities we have to connect with such amazing people and their animals.

We could have chosen a large slant load trailer to haul six or nine horses at once, but instead, we chose a four-horse strait load, head-to-head trailer. 

We made this choice because we feel that it is more personalized and the safest way to haul. 

Plus, it provides the most comfort for our passengers, especially for larger breeds.

RHT Horse Hauling Trailer

The side door and its ramp allows for any horse in our trailer to unload safely without disturbing other horses.

Another benefit of using a side ramp is that your horses don’t have to back out when unloading.

The Belgium Draft horse that's inside our trailer stands at eighteen hands.

Your horses have plenty of room for ride and comfort. Plus, there’s no disrupting the other passengers while loading or unloading with two different entries.

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