Rogersville Horse Transportation


Professional Horse Transport Services

Rogersville Horse Transportation is a full-service equine transport company offering shipping coast-to-coast to all of the lower 48 states. We specialize in private horse transport services for local clinics, barn and stable relocation, and horse retirement.

As people who love and tend horses both at home and professionally, we bring years of expert capability and knowledge to our horse shipping services. You may rest in the assurance that your horse will be extremely well cared for throughout the entire process, from pick up to delivery.

Our padded and enclosed horse transport van will be cleaned and sanitized with professional-grade Bio-security products and will be freshly bedded and provisioned for your horse’s comfort. We will manage the van’s vents and windows as needed based upon weather conditions in order to afford your animal the best possible experience.

Blankets can be used, as requested and provided by the client when hauling horses during colder seasons. In addition, your horse will be carefully monitored in-route via in-cab monitor and with regular stops and checkups.

All in all, our natural approach is to serve each client in a professional, yet friendly and neighborly manner. Likewise, we’ll treat your horses with the same care as if they were our own. In all the services we offer, you will receive a first-class horse shipping experience.

Below are some examples of the equine transport services we provide…

  •  Local Transfer to a New Barn
  • Out of State Relocation
  • New Stable in Town
  • Emergency or Non Emergency Vet Hospital Travel
Pretty horse approaching our horse hauling van
Horse Relocation
Horse Retirement
When an unfortunate injury happens that leaves little room for doubt regarding a horse's future workload, we can carefully and sensitively transport your horse to a retirement facility.
Group Travel to local Equestrian Clinics for a day or two!
Natural Horsemanship, Working, Roping, Driving Cattle, Trail Riding, Colt Training​, Desensitizing...These are just a few examples of travel for clinics. Groups would benefit the most for clinic travel.
Our base location enables us to offer layovers in our newly constructed stalls in Missouri at no extra cost to you.
We offer layovers at approved facilities for nightly rest to reduce any stress the horses may have. This helps them be ready for a fresh new morning of travel.

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